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Children are my favorite works of art. Their personalities, their smiles, smirks and wonders. The joy that children bring should be captured in time. We all know that these years speed by, but I have found a way to stop them (just for 1/80 of a second).

There is no child quite like yours, I know, I'm a Mom...You and I will create your own timeless, classic portrait of your one-of-a-kind child.
When you want a portrait not a picture, a moment not a snapshot...


Sarah Celine Elliott~ owner, dreamer, artist, photographer
For me, this is about capturing the personality in front of my camera and creating a classic work of art....

Sarah Céline Elliott started this big dream, small business called Sarah Céline Photography in June 2003, but her quest for beautiful portraits started for Sarah when she was just 15. On her 16th birthday, her father, Mark Pohl, gave her his Pentax Spotmatic a.k.a. "Penny". This is how her passion started. Taking photography classes in high school, she learned to love seeing what she created in her mind come up on that paper in the darkroom. She traveled to Denver, Colorado at the age of 18 where she attended the Colorado Institute of Art and received her Associates Degree in Photography - Editorial Portrait.
Twenty...yes, twenty...years after learning the "basics" with Penny, Sarah has a style that is created with patience and grace. She waits for the true moment that tells the story of personality in her portraits. It is all about your child's unique self. Sarah is here to document your Milestones and Memories. TM
Sarah Celine specializes in newborn & children's portraiture.
We are SO excited to have a wonderful new studio with a great location! The little red building, just west of the Fox River Mall, behind Manderfield's Bakery.
The NEW STUDIO address is 5050 Michael's Drive Appleton~
(920) 733-7157

Monday and Tuesday 9-5
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 10-6
Friday, by appointment only~ in studio or on location
First Saturday of the month, by appointment

~ One of a Kind Portraits,of your one of a kind child ~
Appreciate and embrace art, love, and the sincere beauty of life, oh yeah..have FUN too!
Sarah Celine Elliott, owner of Sarah Celine Photography, established in June 2003



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