Get the Baby Portraits.

  1. This age is usually very agreeable and HAPPY.
  2. They don't move TOO much, so I can get many images.
  3. The one or two-toothed smile!
  4. It's a quick session, they are happy, then they are tired.
  5. The pure personality that you'll document: happy, serious, or both!

Things I wish I knew when I had my baby… 

Of course, I had plenty of pictures, but that year went so fast. He was a baby for only ONE year, I wish I enjoyed it more. I know how busy new parents are, especially if you have other children, but take a minute to soak it all in.

Our first year was super stressful. We were building the studio, we couldn’t decide on daycare, and when we finally did, it grossed me out, so we had to find another one. Then he was sick all the time! Plus, there is no maternity leave for those that choose to be self employed, no paid leave, so I was running to sessions on location in hopes that my breasts weren’t leaking before the session was complete (no such luck on at least one occasion...that I noticed).

I know, you are tired all the time. I know you are constantly stressed and caring for this little human, but trust me, their budding personality at 6 to 9 months is something you want documented and enjoyed. They are so photogenic, the pudgy face, the one-toothed smile, and before they walk, I can get even better shots of them! Don't wait! If you missed having newborn portraits, 6 to 9 month portraits are even more important. Stop. Enjoy. Get the portraits. Enjoy again and again, forever.